Planning, Inspections, Flood Prevention, Minimum Housing, and Zoning Code Enforcement

Town Manager
Snow Bowden

Mailing Address: PO Box 459, Erwin, NC 28339
Physical Address: 100 West F. St., Erwin, NC 28339
Telephone: 910-897-5140
Fax: 910-897-5543


Applicants in the Erwin planning jurisdiction are required to submit a  Zoning Permit Application to Town of Erwin Zoning administration for review and approval of a Zoning Permit or Zoning Verification letter.  Please call the Town Manager at 910-897-5140, with any questions.  Erwin’s Planning and Zoning Department is located in Town Hall at 100 West F St, Erwin.

Fee Schedule 2017-2018

Application to serve on the Erwin Planning Board

The Town Board of Commissioners invites all citizens of the Town of Erwin to participate in governmental decisions by serving as a member on an Advisory Board.  The Town has the current vacancies:

Planning Board—- (ETJ)—1 Vacancy

All vacancies will be appointed by the Town Board of Commissioners.

Zoning Related Applications and Materials
 Zoning Map
Zoning Permit Application Zoning-Pamphlet
Temporary Zoning PermitApplication Parallel Conditional Use Districts – Language
Zoning Map Amendment Application Conditional Use application 2014
Zoning Text Amendment Application  Variance Application
Sign Permit Application
 FM Notification form – commercial  Taxicab Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Application
 Subdivision Checklist
 Flood Damage Prevention
 Floodplain Development Permit Application FEMA Elevation Certificate 2013

Building and Trades Applications

Contact:  Building Inspector Bill Morris at 910-897-5140

Hours:  Monday-Friday from 8 am – Noon

Application for Residential Building and Trade Permit

The Zoning Code Enforcement division is responsible for the enforcement of the Minimum Housing Code and Nuisance/Abatement provisions of the Town of Erwin code.

Physical Address: 100 West F Street, Erwin, NC 28339 Telephone: 910-897-5140
Mailing Address: PO Box 459, Erwin, NC 28339 Fax: 910-897-5543

Questions or Comments?

Contact:  Town Manager Snow Bowden at 910-897-5140