Planning, Inspections, Flood Prevention, Minimum Housing, and Zoning Code Enforcement

Town Manager
Snow Bowden

Town Planner

Dylan Eure

Mailing Address: PO Box 459, Erwin, NC 28339
Physical Address: 100 West F. St., Erwin, NC 28339
Telephone: 910-591-4200
Fax: 910-897-5543


Town of Erwin Land Use Plan Adopted September 2023

Applicants in the Erwin planning jurisdiction are required to submit a  Zoning Permit Application to Town of Erwin Zoning administration for review and approval of a Zoning Permit or Zoning Verification letter.  Please call the Town Manager at 910-897-5140, with any questions.  Erwin’s Planning and Zoning Department is located in Town Hall at 100 West F St, Erwin.

Application to serve on the Erwin Planning Board

The Town Board of Commissioners invites all citizens of the Town of Erwin to participate in governmental decisions by serving as a member on an Advisory Board.  The Town has the current vacancies:

Planning Board— In-Town Members: 1 Vacancy

In-Town Alternate: 2 Vacancies

                                   Out of Town Alternate: 2 Vacancies

All vacancies will be appointed by the Town Board of Commissioners.

Zoning Related Applications and Materials
Zoning Map Variance Application
Zoning Permit Application Zoning-Pamphlet
Temporary Zoning PermitApplication Zoning Map Amendment Application
Taxicab Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Application Special Use Permit Application
Zoning Text Amendment Application FM Notification form – commercial
Sign Permit Application
 Subdivision Checklist
 Flood Damage Prevention
 Floodplain Development Permit Application FEMA Elevation Certificate 2013

Building and Trades Applications

Through an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Building Inspection Services with Harnett County, the County Inspection department provides building inspections services for the Town of Erwin including, but not limited to enforcement of; State and local laws and ordinances and regulations relating to the construction of buildings; the installation of facilities as plumbing systems, electrical systems, heating systems, refrigeration systems and air conditioning systems; the maintenance of buildings in a safe, sanitary and healthful condition, etc..

Per the agreement, no building permit can be issued for any construction, repair, or improvement to any land or structure within the Town of Erwin unless a zoning permit has been issued or comparable approval has been given by the Town of Erwin Planning & Zoning Department.

The Harnett County Inspection Department: is located at P.O. Box 65, 108 E. Front Street, Lillington N.C. 27546. Phone: 910-893-7525 Fax: 910-893-2793.

Visit the Harnett County Inspection Department web site for Construction Permit applications.



The Zoning Code Enforcement division is responsible for the enforcement of the Minimum Housing Code and Nuisance/Abatement provisions of the Town of Erwin code.

Physical Address: 100 West F Street, Erwin, NC 28339 Telephone: 910-897-5140
Mailing Address: PO Box 459, Erwin, NC 28339 Fax: 910-897-5543

Questions or Comments?

Contact:  Code Enforcement Officer Chris Jones- (910) 591-4204